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Diamond Sponsor (min. 2.500 €)

As a Diamond Sponsor your organisation/corporation would enjoy immense community and business exposure over a prolonged period of time. The length of tenure can be secured by negotiation.

Your organisation would enjoy the following benefits from your involvement in the Luxembourg Rescue Organisation:

  • Your company logo will be foremost on all promotional material including all banners , letterheads, communications and selected textiles (e.a. T-Shirts)
  • Your company logo will be displayed and hyperlinked on each page of the Luxembourg Rescue Organisation website
  • Your corporate banners will be displayed prominently at all Luxembourg Rescue Organisation events
  • A prominent on site position where you may establish a booth for your company/organization display or hospitality
  • Exclusive corporate hospitality site at all flagship events
  • Acknowledgement as Diamond Sponsor in all events and particularly in opening and closing events, speeches and announcements
  • The number of Diamond Sponsors is limited to 5. LRO ensures that the other Diamond Sponsors are not direct competitors of your organisation/corporation

If you want to support LRO as a sponsor, please contact us : info[at]lro.lu