The Luxembourg Fire and Rescue Corps (« Corps grand-ducal d’incendie et de secours » – CGDIS) is the public fire and rescue organization for Luxembourg.

CGDIS was founded in 2018 by the fusion of all public actors in the domain of fire and rescue organization in Luxembourg:

  • The volunteer fire brigades of the different municipalities
  • The professional fire brigade of Luxembourg City
  • The professional fire brigade of Luxembourg Airport
  • The national civil protection authority
  • The medical emergency service SAMU

Today the CGDIS consist of about 4.000 volunteer and 650 professional firefighters and 200 technical and administrative staff.

The CGDIS is in charge of all kinds of public fire and rescue missions:

  • Medical emergencies and rescues
  • Animal rescue
  • Fires
  • Technical interventions (like car crashes, flooding…)
  • Interventions with Hazardous materials

CGDIS is also a main actor as part of the national civil security and in charge of several operational and logistical missions on a national level in case of crisis and larger-scale incidents.

CGDIS has 97 fire stations all over the country and 10 special teams in the following domains:

  • Animal rescue
  • CBRN
  • Command Support
  • Drones & Robotics
  • Heavy logistics & supports
  • Height rescue
  • International Assistance
  • K9-Unit
  • Psychological crisis team
  • Water Rescue

In 2021 about 67.000 interventions were handled  by CGDIS.


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