National Trauma and Rescue Challenge (NTRC)

Trauma challenge

The objective of the World Rescue Organisation (WRO) Trauma Challenge is to assist in the development of Trauma related skills of firefighters and rescue workers to enable them to deal successfully with the vast range of casualty centered incidents.

Participating teams, consisting of two members of a fire and rescue service, will be assessed on their “lifesaving” capabilities during 2 ten-minute, trauma based scenarios. The teams have to assess and treat live casualties that simulate life-threatening injuries (fractures, massive bleeding, spinal/pelvic injuries etc).

The WRO Trauma Challenge will focus on developing and promoting life support skills of rescue personnel, which will allow them to fill the therapeutic vacuum until further medical help arrives.

Further information can be found on (secretariat an documents – challenge documents)

Rescue challenge

The WRO road rescue/extrication challenge is designed to meet the following outcomes:

  • Replicate road rescue/extrication scenarios that emergency response crews maybe called to attend.
  • Create an environment where:
  • Teams have the opportunity to demonstrate a range of techniques and options to extricate casualties.
  • Team performance can be analysed over a series of road rescue/extrication scenarios.
  • Learning and education in all facets of vehicle extrication is promoted.
  • Participants will leave being able to perform more competently at road rescue/extrication scenes, exercising current techniques in vehicle extrication and casualty treatment.

The goal of a Rescue/extrication challenge is to save the casualties out of crashed vehicles. The assessors evaluate the team’s casualty-centered and safe approach, their technical skills during the extrication and their communication skills.

Each team, consisting in 6 team members (a team leader, a medic and a technical crew), will attend 3 different scenarios:

  • Rapid scenario: 1 critical casualty; 10 minutes
  • Standard scenario: 1 trapped casualty; 20 minutes
  • Complex scenario: 1 critical casualty, 1 trapped casualty; 30 minutes

Further information can be found on (secretariat an documents – challenge documents)

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