Located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg (official name: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; Lëtzebuerg) is a small country located between Belgium, France and Germany. With its area of 2.586 km2, Luxembourg has about 634.700 inhabitants, which makes it one of the least-populated countries in Europe (Jan. 2021). However, 47,2 % of the population are foreigners, with more than 170 nationalities represented. The most represented nations of foreigners are Portuguese, French, Italians and Belgians. Apart of the 634.700 inhabitants, more than 180.000 cross-border commuters travel every day to Luxembourg to work here. The currency of Luxembourg is Euro (1€= 100 cents). The city of Luxembourg is the capital of the country.

The majority of the Luxembourgish population are multilingual. The national language of the Grand Duchy is Luxembourgish; nevertheless, Luxemburgish, French and German are the official administrative languages. Due to the high amount of non-Luxembourgish inhabitants, there are many other languages spoken such as English, Portuguese or Italian.

Luxembourg enjoys a temperate climate. The average annual temperatures range from -1,5°C to 22.5°C; the hottest and sunniest months are July and August, where the temperatures can reach 35°C.

The form of government is that of a parliamentary democracy in the form of a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is HRH Grand Duke Henri, the head of government is Xavier Bettel, since 2013.

The Grand Duchy has a lot to offer for tourists.

Starting with the City of Luxembourg, where you can find a huge number of tourists attractions. The City is a UNESCO site, due to its fortifications. Here you can visit the Bock casemates (underground tunnels), the Golden Lady, the Cathedral “Notre Dame de Luxembourg” and many other things. You will also find different Museums, such as the MUDAM (Museum of Modern Art Grand-Duc Jean) or the National Museum of History and Art. You can find all the information about the tourist offer in the City of Luxembourg HERE.

Apart from the capital, the Grand Duchy has many other things to offer. You can visit the Mullerthal Region (Mëllerdall), Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, with its unique biotope; the castles in the “Eislék” (north of Luxemburg) or some of the lakes as the “Baggerweier” in Remerschen or the lake in Echternach.

Surly, Luxembourg offers also many shopping opportunities. Apart from different shopping malls in and around the City of Luxembourg, you can also shop in the streets of Luxembourg where you can find all popular brands but also Luxemburgish products.

You can find all tourist information about the country of Luxembourg with the things to do and things to visit HERE.

Nice to know: the public transport in Luxembourg (Bus, train and tramwy) are completey free of charges!

Want to know more about Luxembourg, you may visit also these websites:

Luxembourg City - UNESCO word heritage site

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